The FDA regulates HCG intake for a reason. You don’t want to overdose on HCG. Then again, you don’t want to overdose on anything. Real or naturally produced HCG, in fact, can only be consumed by prescription because it’s something that shouldn’t be abused. Regardless, when taken as required or directed, these drops present no problems. So no, HCG drops are not dangerous as long as you use only the proper dosage of the agent. Synthesized HCG  particularly uses a formula with no actual HCG, such that the makers of the substance and product didn’t need to make any changes once the Food and Drug Administration started regulating (real) HCG by making it into a prescription hormone.  The best HCG drops are tried-and-true formulas that stood the test of time and satisfied many a weight watcher out there.

Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

  • You can definitely achieve your weight loss goals through the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin drops product that puts HCG into water, especially the formulation that simulates real HCG without being real HCG. They’re even more effective at getting results compared to their HCG supplement counterparts that use a more holistic method of producing HCG (by “encouraging” the body to produce HCG on its own, thus limiting its usage on women).
  • You should also follow the HCG diet protocol in order to gain the absolute best results possible in terms of losing weight safely. Yes, there’s a danger present when it comes to losing weight unsafely. It can involve yoyo diets that will have you end up with more weight gained than lost. It can even come in the form of “effective” diets that don’t only make you lose fat but also muscle mass, thus leading you to the route of anorexia or the bad habit of purging.
  • Human Chorionic Gonadotropin uses a diet that restricts daily caloric intake. This allows the HCG to work better in efficiently burning all your fat deposits. Diet and exercise can also help immensely with your weight loss goals. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin drops mainly boosts your metabolic rate so that when you do exercise, you can burn more fat than normal. It makes exercising easier to do as well via increased energy and motivation.