The Game

Pixel Gun 3D is a first person shooting game for your mobile phone. The game, of course, aims for you to survive by killing, by shooting or hacking, your enemies, may it be non-player characters or other players. You will level up as you gain experience by participating in fights against other player or by playing the single player campaign mode. Any mode you play will surely entertain you.


After finishing the tutorial mode the game will provide you with your starting weapons like basic machine gun, basic shotgun and a combat knife. As their name suggests these weapons are the weakest weapons available in the game. These will just probably get you through the first few level. As you progress within the game you need to purchase weapons and upgrade your armory. You will have to buy weapons so that you can stay on par with other players that have higher levels than you.

Purchasing weapons like guns and knives as you level up will require coins or gems. These currencies can be hard to come by in game and will really require you to grind out until you have saved up enough to purchase your dream weapon. Weapons that become available as you level up also becomes stronger but will also entail a higher and more costly price tag.

Easy Way

Instead of investing so much time in playing the game to earn many coins and gem you can try to use hacks Pixel Gun 3D Cheats. This will help you close the gap between you, who is just starting out in the game, and those who are already strong in the game who have played it for a long time. Using Pixel Gun 3D Cheats will save you a huge amount of time grinding out the game. You will be able to purchase the stronger weapons available to you at your current level. Your level will be the only factor that limits you from purchasing and using a strong weapon. No need to worry about the coins and gems.